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Dental Fillings in Coral Springs, FL

No one wants to have a constant reminder of poor oral health troubling them day-to-day. If your teeth have been damaged due to cavities or tooth decay, a dental filling may be necessary to restore their structure. At Dental Health and Beauty, our trained dental team provides many dental services to restore the function and appearance of your teeth, resolve oral pain and prevent tooth decay. To fix cavities, our recommendation getting it filled. For quick, cost-effective tooth restoration, turn to our trusted dentist's office for dental fillings in Coral Springs, FL.

Fractures and decay can provide access to the tooth's interior structure that bacteria wouldn't normally have. If your dental pulp is penetrated by bacteria, it can dissolve healthy tooth structure and cause infections in nearby gum tissue. Prevent future decay and quietly conceal defects in your teeth with natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings. When you put your filling needs in our hands, you won't have to compromise aesthetic value for a functional restoration. If you develop cavities in a vital area like one of your back teeth, our dental professionals provide you with high-quality composite fillings for greater durability.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Look and Feel like Real Teeth

The external covering of the tooth called the enamel, consists of closely-knit calcium compounds and contains no living tissue. Porcelain restorations easily and efficiently imitate the look of real enamel. The inner part of the tooth, the dentin, is more porous and similar to bone. Dentin is composed of microscopic collagen and calcium deposits. To mimic the function of dentin, contemporary dental restorations are made of composites for increased strength.

At our dental practice, we offer tooth-colored fillings made of durable, rigid materials to closely mimic real teeth in form and function. We ensure teeth recreated using our fillings responds exactly as a healthy tooth should. Our restorative dentistry experts are eager to provide you with a unique solution that looks as natural as it feels.

Young Woman with Dental Fillings in Coral Springs, FL

Strengthen Your Teeth with Mercury-Free Composite Fillings

In the past, teeth were filled with a combination of different metals. Metallic fillings couldn't bond with the tooth and instead merely rested on damaged teeth provided minor protection. Today, dentists utilize composite fillings made of high-quality plastic resins and silica filler to create a more protected connection and more comfortable fit.

Our dental team is committed to providing patients of all ages with metal-free dentistry. None of our fillings contain mercury or any other harmful metals that can further contribute to tooth damage. Come to us in need of tooth repair and we provide you with natural restorations that address your individual needs. When you leave our office, you'll have a smile you can be proud of once again.

Contact our office to learn more about our dental filling option. We proudly serve patients of all ages in Coral Springs, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, and Tamarac, Florida.